H+D is a creative partnership offering design, communications, and marketing services for organizations of all sizes. We bring more than 25 years’ experience with a wide range of complex, high stakes projects, and are distinguished by our strategic thinking, creative solutions and insight. Our work is of the highest quality because we take the time to listen carefully to our clients’ goals and aspirations. Our success lies in creating work that clearly articulates each client’s core values, vision and mandate. We’re proud of the fact that our work has resulted in long-term relationships with our clients.

H+D offers clients bold, innovative design, and effective strategic communications and marketing advice. Clients rely on us for creative leadership, evidence-based solutions, sound planning and a polished product. We help clients raise awareness, sell product, change attitudes and behaviours, and build relationships. Our work includes communications, branding and brand strategy, marketing and advertising. We have a depth of experience in visual identity, corporate, informational, website, editorial, and advertising and environmental design.

Our work reflects a thorough understanding of best practice as well as literacy in current and emerging trends. We understand the results focus of the business sector; the realities of the not-for-profit sector; and the responsibilities of the public sector. We believe in partnership from the first meeting until the product is in the hands of its audience.

We provide a level of leadership and involvement that considers every aspect of the project. 
We ask the right questions to hone and shape our client’s vision. We provide expert design and communications counsel that helps define goals and maximize results.  

To every project we bring innovation, ideas and integrity – and our promise of uncommon insight and visionary solutions.